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Global index provider FTSE Group and Initial Public Offering (IPO) research and investment firm Renaissance Capital LLC, have announced the expansion of the pioneering FTSE Renaissance IPO Index Series. The series, which is being renamed the FTSE Renaissance Global IPO Index Series to reflect its new global nature, will now provide investors with the ability to capture the performance of IPOs listed in 53 new country and regional indices, within developed and emerging EMEA, Asian, and American markets. The expansion provides investors with comprehensive exposure to the global IPO market.


Based on extensive research by Renaissance Capital LLC, the index series employs a unique methodology, tracking the early returns of IPOs. These returns are often missed by most major global IPO benchmarks, with many IPOs waiting up to three months or longer for inclusion. The indices within the series, which are suitable for the creation of exchange traded funds and other structured products, include qualified IPOs at the end of their first trading day. The IPOs are then removed after approximately two years.


The series benefits from a range of standard indices across developed and emerging markets and regions, enabling investors to choose the scale of their exposure to this innovative investment segment. For a more distinct and tailored approach, investors can access real-time, net of tax, and capped versions of a number of these indices. Further index customisation, supporting investment strategies such as the growing interest in sector-specific strategies, can also be created by FTSE, using the widely-used and definitive global classification standard – Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB).


The global IPO market has undergone a period of extensive change in recent years, with academic studies showing that in down markets, characterised by low issuance volume, only the strongest and most attractively priced companies are able to go public, and that they come to market at attractive valuations. Despite recent market volatility, there are currently hundreds of companies in the global IPO pipeline, including names such as Facebook, Manchester United, Zynga and Jive Software and a number of IPOs listing in the US and Hong Kong. The FTSE Renaissance Global IPO Index currently consists of 518 constituents from a range of industries and sectors, with a total investable market capitalisation of US$491 billion.


Kathleen Shelton Smith, founder and principal of Renaissance Capital, said: "The expansion of capital markets globally and the evolution of significant companies in emerging markets necessitate a global approach to IPO investing. The expanded FTSE Renaissance Global IPO Index Series now captures the performance of these important enterprises."


Melvyn Lee, director of partnerships, FTSE Group, said: "We are continuously innovating our product offering to meet our clients' investment needs and to provide robust tools to lead on a variety of new passive investment approaches. The expansion of the FTSE Renaissance Global IPO Index Series is a prime example of how we seek to meet the changing nature of the global marketplace and respond to new opportunities."