The comeback kid

ETFs focused on emerging markets are starting to recover from the rout that they suffered last year as investors pulled out billions of dollars from these products; here in Asia

Sideshow to the

Following the success of index ETFs, ETF firms soon added “synthetic” ETF structures to their product menu. While there are several factors involved in the development of synthetic ETFs

Bloody but unbowed

The Mainland ETF growth engine seemed to be stuttering to a halt in the last two years, which was mostly due to the sluggish A-share market amounting to a dead

Evolution through
intelligent design

Despite the post-tapering upsets and volatility of the global financial markets during 2013, and the continuing economic challenges in the global real economy

The rise of smart beta

An important phenomenon that has shaped the investment industry since the 1970s is the rise of passive investing and the separation of alpha and beta

Finding value and avoiding landmines with ETFs

Despite ongoing turbulence across the investment funds industry, the global market for ETFs has enjoyed rapid expansion, with Asia in particular a central focus thanks to its rising middle class.
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